Why You Should Take Women’s Perspectives


Hannah Crowell, Writer/Comic Artist

In history classes, we typically don’t think of the things we learn as the male perspective.  Without really thinking about it, we glance over the word that clearly spells out his story.  Women have had just as much of an influence on the making of the world we know today.  In our history classes, we have somehow managed to almost completely shove aside the entire women’s suffrage movement. Our knowledge of this historic event has been squashed down to a meaningless paragraph at the end of a long chapter about the 1910’s – 20’s.  Through all of history, women have worked and succeeded in the shadow of men, without reward.

Women’s Perspectives is an extremely valuable class– it shows us the female side of history.  Just as we study the revolutionary war, or the civil rights movement, we should study women’s suffrage. Unfortunately, it isn’t a required class– but it does count for half of an English credit.  

If you’re worried about the “Honors” part of the class, don’t be; it honestly isn’t that bad.  It’s like any average honors English class, but with the added bonus of insightful, riveting information.  With Women’s Perspectives, a variety of different views and topics are discussed, analyzed, debated, and watched.  Mrs. Therriault teaches a couple classes per semester on Women’s Perspectives.  She makes school worth coming to; each class is different and equally exciting.  

This is not just an extra history class– it is valuable information that affects everyone.  It is especially urgent to understand these issues with today’s recent events.  Believe it or not, we are still affected by the movements and struggles of women.  Women make up more than half the population, and we owe it to them to understand their history.