Police Continue to Investigate Threat at John Stark

NH State Police and the F.B.I. assist with investigation of Firearm Threat


Addam Guinesso, Staff Writer

On Monday, February 13 the Weare Police Department received information about a firearm threat targeting the staff and students at John Stark Regional High School. While the Department did not divulge information about the source of the threat, the response to it took the form of increased police presence at the school during the following two days. Students attended school as regularly planned and a phone message was sent to the parents and guardians of the school district. Police took precaution and post at the school to decrease response time, but fortunately no attack actually took place.

More New Hampshire schools in the area had also taken precaution after receiving threats two weeks ago. The threats were submitted through a phone calls. Two weeks ago at 11 AM Bow Elementary School, Primrose School of Bedford, and Exeter High School all received threats via phone. The threat to Bow prompted an evacuation of the school, and the Exeter and Primrose threats mentioned a device in the buildings. Bow Elementary and Exeter High School were asked to stay in session while police determined the credibility of the source; Primrose was evacuated to another facility. Within an hour of receiving the calls, Police determined there was no threat to students or staff.

The Weare Police Dept., the New Hampshire State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are all working together to assist in the investigation of these threats.

What does this mean for Goffstown High School? Perhaps nothing, but John Stark Principle Christopher Corkery sent out an email to parents and guardians with messages about how to help the police in the area and one’s self. Quoted from the email here: “Safety in a school is everyone’s responsibility,…The best way to ensure that we are all safe is to be a good friend to everyone around you. Check in with each other and ask an adult to help if something doesn’t seem right.” These are truly wise words to be heeded in times when safety may not be guaranteed. Be a friend. And if you see something, say something.