Stinky Pipe Leak At GHS

Stinky Pipe Leak At GHS

Abby Noonan, Contributing Writer

On the morning of Wednesday, March 22nd, the main pipe in the ceiling of the 200 wing at GHS started leaking extremely hot water, sending the maintenance workers in a frenzy to fix the situation.

The drenched ceiling tiles and insulation emitted a pungent order that could be caught in whiffs on the second floor. Maintenance worker Mark Raczkowski stated the water rapidly dripping down from the ceiling was 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which posed a hazard to students walking by. Raczkowski said the cause of the leak was that the pipe was “just… old. Things get old and they fall apart.” The scene had to be secured with caution tape and cones.

Approximately 5 minutes before the bell rang, maintenance workers scrambled to find the shut off valve of the leaking pipe, frantically opening ceiling tiles all the way down the hall.

Maintenance workers were forced into making an emergency call to a plumbing company. By Thursday, the situation was completely resolved.

During the commotion another message was received through the radio stating that another leak was starting in the 300 wing. Mark Raczkowski remarked, “Just another fun day in maintenance.”