Past, Present, and Future


Julia Yost and Bree Welch

These sample letters are based off surveys given to GHS Freshmen and Seniors asking “if given the opportunity, what would they say to your past or future self?”


Dear Senior Self,

I want you to know I will try my hardest to get you into a good college. I will get good grades and work hard so you don’t have to worry in the future. I’ll strive to make honor roll and leave a statement at this school. I’ll join clubs and sports teams with my friends so I can socialize and get out. I’ll have so many friends who adore me, and we’ll go out all the time. This will also require me to begin my outward transformation. I want to look mature and current in my style, and I want the newest everything to keep my image up. Don’t worry senior self, I got you covered for the future.


Dear Freshmen Self,


I want you to know that high school isn’t forever. Please know that grades and academics are so much more worth it than that boy or girl you like, or that party this weekend. Now, I’m not saying don’t have fun and be social, because that is something we all want, but don’t let those things blind you. Coming into high school you felt a newfound sense of maturity you wanted to live up to, don’t. Every senior was once a freshmen. We all had to grow through the dirt throughout our years of high school to be where we are today. Your time will come if you focus on your academics and work hard, I promise. Grades do matter. No matter who tells you that freshmen year doesn’t matter, IT DOES! And of course, always know your worth. Know that you can get through it all and that high school isn’t the end, it is only the beginning.