I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest


Savannah Monfette, Contributing Writer

I Am Princess X follows 16 year old May as she attempts to discover who is using Princess X, the character she and her long-passed best friend, Libby, created together. When they were 12, Libby and her mom passed away in a car accident, supposedly. May finds a sticker resembling the very character that was supposed to have died with Libby four years ago on a storefront window and is suddenly consumed with learning everything she can about this mysterious web series that sounds suspiciously like the ones May and Libby created. No one knows who the author is and everyone wants to find out. As May goes on a search for this unknown person, she finds herself entrenched in a mystery of death, drama, and deceit, all leading to the identity of the person who has recreated hers and Libby’s special stories.