Juice Cleanse


Bree Welch, Contributing Writer

One of the more common health trends right now is undoubtedly a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is when someone eats or drinks nothing but juiced fruits and veggies and water for three days straight to cleanse their body of all the toxins. One can even extend this for a longer amount of time, although experts would recommend allowing yourself one healthy meal a day if  continued beyond three days. One of the main and most obvious benefits of a juice cleanse is the increase in fruit and veggie intake. One, juice can hold four fruits in bulk and two or three veggies, and most doctors recommend drinking an entire juice every 2-3 hours. There are also hundreds of different recipes one can try so you never get bored of the same old juices. It may seem weird to some that the fruits and veggies are juiced instead of just eaten, but this is because the nutrients can be better absorbed when in liquid form, and one can consume a larger quantity.

However, all trends have their downsides. Juicing doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight. While it’s definitely possible, all people are different; and for some, it simply makes them feel hungrier all the time. Without self discipline, this can also lead to people sneaking extra food while on a cleanse, which adds more calories onto the large amount you’re already consuming by drinking large glasses of juice every few hours. Some people’s bodies also find it to be an overwhelming amount of sugar, which can cause a sugar spike.

The process can also get expensive. Juicing requires a large amount of fruits and veggies several times a day. When done for an extended period of time, this certainly will begin to exceed the price of consuming an average diet. An average diet, when kept consistent and regular, can also prompt the body to self detox, making a juice cleanse unnecessary.