The West Island Regatta


Getting reading for the race

Morgan Bennett, Staff Writer

On July 23rd, 2017 seventeen boats set sail in the 2nd annual West Island Regatta. This Informal and friendly competition takes place on Hoppy’s Landing in West Island, Massachusetts at 1:00pm. The Race Committee Chair, Paul R. Casey, greets the sailors and explains the route as they gather around. Both novice and experienced sailor’s prepared their sails for the 3.5 mile race. Contestants have to pay $15.00, and the race is open to all single and multi-hulled beachable sail boats.


Family and friends gather around to witness the colorful boats set sail into the horizon. This year the sailboats take on strong winds more than 20 mph. Minutes before the race starts boats are pushed into the water and sailed to the starting line. Casey’s cannon signals the beginning of the race. Sailboats glide across the water in huddles as the race starts and soon the faster boats take the lead.


People observing the race from Hoppy’s Landing find it quite exciting. In just the span of 2 hours the race is packed with tons of action. Most boats are able to stay on track, but with strong winds it becomes a bit difficult to steer. One boat capsizes and another hits the rocks. With some help from the harbormaster those boats were able to make it to the finish line. Soon after, Skip Mattos crosses the finish line taking first place in the West Island Regatta. Once the race is finished sailor’s hop out of their boats to congratulate each other. The race was followed by a pig roast at the West Island Improvement Association Hall.


Boats line up for race