Juniors Take Down Seniors in 2017 Powderpuff


Dan Locke, Staff Writer

Every year during homecoming, the Junior and Senior girls face off in a game of flag football, also known as Powderpuff.  Girls sign up for four ten minute non-stop quarters. Coaches, who usually are football players, yell from the sideline and try their best to call plays, even though they were allowed only one practice before the game.  Both sides scored throughout the whole game, but the Juniors, took the win with a final score of 25-20.  The MVP of the game was Lilly Proulx who accounted for two of the three touchdowns scored by the Juniors, both were over 30 yards.

“Both teams put up a good fight but it came down to the wire and we came out on top” junior coach Ben Dodge summarized.  Ben Dodge was one of the 5 coaches on the Junior team, while the Seniors only had two.  The Juniors were led by Charlie Keith, while the offensive coordinators were Dan Locke and Ben Dodge, and the defensive coordinators were Evan Cuddy and Jose Paez.  All of the seniors wish they could have a rematch, and they believe it would end differently if it happened.