No Shave November


Quinn Mattes, Staff Writer

Now that the air is getting colder and stores are skipping right to Christmas, people are putting down their razors and not shaving for a month. But why is that? We’re vaguely aware it’s for some cause but what are the specifics?

The event, according to, is to grow awareness (see what they did there?) for cancer research, prevention, and education. The idea is to donate the money you’d normally use for personal grooming to causes that aid those struggling with cancer or those that research and educate others about cancer.

If you don’t want to personally participate in growing out your hair you can still donate to the cause and as of November 13th almost a million dollars have been donated directly to the organization. Despite the name, if your job has a strict dress code or your significant other thinks your mustache is gross and weird, the website assures you that grooming is fine if you don’t want to be unkempt! So you don’t have to even put down the razor completely.

To officially join the program or just to learn more about the specific organizations that benefit from the program visit and let your hair grow out!

If you participated in No Shave November, let us know your experience down in the comments!