How Wearing Crazy Socks Will Make You More Confident


These are my favorite pair of crazy socks. They are a tie dye desert theme.

Raegan Jacob, Staff Writer

Hey, you. If you don’t wear a pair of crazy socks at least once a week, then you’re living your life WRONG. Not a single day goes by where I don’t have a pair of wacky socks on. In fact, I own over 45 pairs. Yes, that number is accurate-I counted them two weeks ago. Crazy socks are the answer to any problem in the world. Don’t believe me? Maybe the hundreds of articles on this very topic will persuade you. You can get the point by just reading the title of the article I found, “People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are More Brilliant, Creative and Successful”.

Crazy socks are a way to show your personality in a different way. When I worked at Market Basket, I had to look professional, but the employee handbook didn’t say anything about crazy socks. I became well-known for my wacky socks, and customers loved them. Wearing wacky socks boosts self confidence, and lightens your mood. “They are a window to the way you can show off your individuality, personality and non-conformed attitudes.”

I wore crazy socks with goats on them to prom junior year. I wore them at every practice and every game this year on the Varsity Volleyball team. Socks can be a window for other people to look at your life through. My favorite pair of socks is probably my cactus socks. The reason being is because I lived in the Arizona desert for two months this summer, and looking at them reminds me of the adventures I had.

Crazy socks are the best. Everyone should own at least one pair in their lifetime, and I hope it brings others as much happiness as they bring me.