What’s it Like at the Top?

Patrick Mannion reflects on his experience at the top of our class


Brooklyn Brackett, Staff Writer

Whether you look back fondly or with bitterness, the years you spend in high school are some of the most memorable of your life. The clubs you participate in, the sports you play, the classes you take, the people you meet. Each aspect of these four years shape who you are and who your will become. Classmates will look back on this time in the future, and reminisce about what happened within the brick walls of this school. Years from now, as you’re flipping through old yearbooks, there will be one student that’s nearly impossible to forget.

National Honors Society president, student council member, volleyball team captain, guitar hero enthusiast Patrick Mannion’s photo is the one you’ll recognize first. With his extensive resume, he impacts the character and atmosphere of Goffstown High School more than anyone. Most notably, however, is his number one class rank in the class of 2019. Since freshman year, Patrick has held this title, pushing himself and his friends farther along their academic path with each passing year. In friendly competition with his classmates, he compares test scores and grade point averages to find motivation to improve. “I can’t let them beat me” Patrick admits, “I have to do better”. However, it’s not necessarily about being “Number 1”. “It’s a competition for me bettering myself, and putting a name up to that,” he says; his peers’ names and scores serve as stepping stones to surpass on his own personal journey toward success. He uses this good-spirited rivalry to drive his self-improvement, while simultaneously setting the bar for his competition. Impressively, he also manages to maintain his involvement in his other endeavors, putting his all into each activity.

Not surprisingly, it would seem incredibly difficult to balance too many things on top of the responsibility of managing such a high GPA. For Patrick, though, it comes easily. With 5 AP courses and countless other high level classes under his belt, he has learned to juggle responsibilities so well he could join Cirque Du Soleil. His self-motivation pushes him to work harder as he pursues each goal. “If I tell myself I’m going to do something,” he says, “I will find a way to do it”. This hardworking nature is what Patrick believes is his best quality.

While he may describe himself as a perfectionist, his peers think he’s crazy for taking on such a large workload, and even some of his teachers believe he’s going to “bleed out of his eyes” if he puts any more pressure on himself! To him though, the stress is the last thing on his mind. “I force myself to take time… If I ever get stressed, I force myself to do something that distracts me”. His level head amongst so many commitments is admirable, but he uses simple methods to destress, like playing video games or hanging out with friends. Not surprisingly though, he loves everything he does. The clubs and organizations he is a part of provide him with opportunities to do what he really enjoys. By being able to participate in so many circles, Patrick has also gained many skills that benefit his academic and lifelong success. He claims that volleyball helps him with sportsmanship and teamwork, which allow him to maintain such a friendly competition with his classmates. He also benefits from his involvement in student council and his volunteer work by gaining leadership skills, confidence, public speaking experience, and empathy. With the skills he learns from the things he does in his free time, he has been able to succeed in his classes and exceed the expectations of his teachers.

Those who have met Patrick know that his reputation precedes him, but his charisma surpasses any academic accomplishments he has achieved. To know him as a scholar is one thing, but to know him as a friend is another. Even with the stresses of his grades and school activities whirring in the back of his mind, Patrick always has a smile on his face. His closest friends and his classmates know that with a bright personality like his, a bright future is sure to follow.