Nick Mattison: Class Clown


Nick in his normal state on the left

Sarah Mattison, Staff Writer

Who is Nick Mattison? To many people, Nick has a unique personality that not everyone understands. If you were to ask anyone about him, odds are they would say something like, a person who always makes you laugh or someone who never cares about what other people think. For example, on his first day of senior year, he wore Marvel themed pajama pants, tucked into ostrich socks. According to his mother Lori Mattison, “Nick is a kind of person who even when he is driving you crazy, you can’t help but laugh at how funny he is while doing it.” His mom says when he was in middle school she used to have to lock the car windows because if she didn’t he would scream, “WHY DID YOU TAKE MY PANCAKES”, or “WHERE ARE MY WAFFLES”, at random people.  Nick has always been known for his ridiculous behavior that makes you either love or hate him.

Nick graduated  from Goffstown High School in 2017 and is currently attending the University at Albany to major in economics. One day he hopes to be a lawyer but that wasn’t always his plan. When Nick was in preschool his dream was to one day grow up to be a paleontologist. Nick told me, when he and his friends used to play rescue heroes in preschool, he would never be a policeman or firefighter; he would always be the rescue dinosaur.  He constantly stood out as different, but he didn’t mind because he was never afraid to be himself. Eventually, Nick grew out of his dinosaur phase and his new passion became baseball. From 6th grade to 11th grade, Nick spent his free time playing for the Granite State Marauders. Nick also played for the Goffstown JV and Varsity baseball team during high school. As much as Nick loves baseball, his true passion is his love for bowling.

It was Nick’s sophomore year of highschool when he decided to tryout for the school bowling team. Not many people are aware that bowling is a sport, but when Nick found out he decided to play.   At first, he didn’t have much experience but that didn’t stop him. During weekends and even school nights Nick and his friends would go to Spare Time to practice. It was Nick’s final year of bowling for Goffstown when the team won its first ever championship. During the suspenseful match, Nick led the team prayer. Nick said his favorite part of high school was being a part of the bowling team  because it taught him how to work together to accomplish a goal, but still have fun while doing it. One day Nick hopes to achieve his goal of bowling a 300.

In 10 years Nick not only wants to be a lawyer, he believes he will “ probably be sitting in a penthouse in New York City, over looking Yankee Stadium.” In the future Nick would also like to travel to Vermont because there is more oxygen there. According to Nick he “strives in oxygen”, in other words he loves to be somewhere  with fresh air that is excluded from the outside world. Not only does Nick want to travel to Vermont soon he also wants to spend more time with his cousin Logan. Out of everyone in his family, Nick admires Logan the most because “he is a free spirit”. But Nick’s mom is the closest person to him in his family because she always supports him and never gives up on him. He is also close with his sister Sarah,  even though they occasionally get on each other nerves, they share many fun and happy memories together.

Nick says he also has very fond memories with his friends because they never judge him for who he truly is. During their free time they enjoy playing games like League of Legends or Dungeons and Dragons. After graduation, Nick and his closest  friends drove down to Dunnellon, Florida to celebrate. They were there for a week and spent their time at Clearwater beach, Daytona Beach, and the Rainbow River. A favorite memory during his time in Florida, is when he tackled his friend Pete in the ocean and Pete lost his tooth. Nick says he is most happy when he relaxes at the beach because all of his worries disappear. He said “ If i could be anywhere and be anyone, and do anything, with whoever I want, in any shape or form, I would be sitting on the beach, with a cold drink in my hand, listening to Lady Gaga”.