Swim Team’s Successful Season


Swim race

Anna Lendry, Staff Writer

The rush of adrenaline kicks in as swim team member, Tegean Bevacqua, prepares to race in her last meet of the season. It had been a long yet fun season for Teagan and her swim team. After this race, her season would come to an end, and all she would have left is her excitement for next season to begin. Suddenly, she heard the word “GO!” and began to dive into the water.

On Saturday, February 10 the  Goffstown swim team participated in their most anticipated meet of the season. It was the State competition and it was hosted at UNH. They were up against some big competitors like Milford and Sohegan. The whole team was excited and nervous at the same time, as they were about to race in their last meet this year.

“ It was really a team effort to get to States and we put in a lot of hard work and dedication” said Teagan B. “Even though we didn’t get first place, we won as a team”.

Goffstown may not have won at states, but when looking back on their season, they did really well. The season Kicked off in In the beginning the team suffered a few setbacks when they lost some team members, but that didn’t stop them from accomplishing their goals. They practiced for months and put forth a lot of hard work, and dedication. Practices were held at the YMCA and were a few nights a week. There, the team focused on improving their weaknesses so they could race the best they possibly can. In the end, the team  won several meets and improved significantly from where they started.

“Even though we shrunk in size, that allowed us to focus on our weaknesses and become better as a team” Teagan said. Elijah Boisvert, a fan in the stands, agreed that the team had done well at their races and “They gave it their all and went all in”. He also later added that the swim meets were very exciting to watch.

Aside from the late night practices and long meets, the team also worked to bond with one another. “This has been the best team I’ve ever been on, in the 5 years I’ve been on swim team” Teagan said. Her favorite part of being on the team this year was making new friends and having an overall great time.

This past season has been a success for the Goffstown Varsity swim team. They practiced hard and went into their meets with a fierce and positive attitude. Everybody worked hard and it was a big accomplishment to make it to States.