The Walk Out

A student perspective


Heather McGlauflin, Staff Writer

On March 14th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. thousands of students all over the nation stood up and walked out of school. This act was meant to show respect to those victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting a month ago where 17 people were killed. It also was a part of the growing protest of gun violence and weak gun control laws.

Goffstown High School students also took part in this national movement. As one of the speakers at the walk out, I can say it was very successful and respectful. In the 17 minute walkout, a group of students each read a biography of each person that was killed in the shooting. Paying equal respect to all the lives that were lost. A moment of silence was given after each biography and before the assembly began, as well.

The assembly had a good turnout. The attendees ranged from students, to teachers, and several police officers as well. Hopefully the respect for these lost lives continues and the movement for gun control keeps growing.