Love, Simon

The Teen Romance of 2018 You Won’t Want to Miss.

Love, Simon

Anna Lendry, Staff writer

Love, Simon is the heartwarming and inspiring movie that 2018 needed. It blends romance and comedy all in one. With its loveable characters, and moving story line, Love, Simon is not a movie to miss.

The movie was about a normal teenager who has one major secret: He’s gay. He has a group of friends, has a loving family, goes to parties and is involved in school activities. The movie took a touching topic, and did a really good job emphasizing the fact that he’s just a normal boy. They don’t overdramatize his homosexuality. They show him being a normal kid, but also some of the struggles he goes through. It’s a great coming-of-age movie that is really eye-opening.

The whole movie is about Simon who messages another boy through emails anonymously. They both have something in common: they are gay and no one knows. As the movie continues, Simon and this other teenager develop a good relationship. During the whole movie, it has you wondering who is this boy? They tease you many times, by showing  people who it could possibly be. But in the end, when Simon finds him, you will be pleased.

Love, Simon also does a good job balancing between the funny and sad/heartfelt scenes. Surprisingly, the movie had me continuously laughing. On the other hand, the movie also had the whole theater crying. Simon’s mom, played by Jennifer Garner, had a few heart-to-heart scene’s with Simon that had the whole audience moved. She talked about how it’s ok to be yourself, and not to be ashamed of who you are. The movie conveyed a good positive message for all viewers.

Nick Robinson, whose fame skyrocketed after playing in the movie Everything Everything, did a great job portraying main character, Simon. You might also recognize 13 Reasons Why’s, Katherine Langford, who played Leah, Simon’s best friend. The acting was good, and the plot kept you interested. Love, Simon is the perfect teen movie to watch, when you want to kick back and relax. Nobody was let down after watching this movie, and you won’t be either.