Goffstown Lacrosse Shows True Talent


Finn Grant, Staff Writer

As the Goffstown lacrosse team walks onto the field for warm-ups before the first game of the season, the nerves of the young team is clear to see. Under the helmets the pressure to perform is clear. But once they get into the swing of things the familiarity of the game flood back into memory and minds sharpen. With the coaches watching and the new captains running some drills before the game, it was an environment that looked different than before.  This time last year the boys lacrosse team was off to a rough start. Each player had their skills but individuality only goes so far when you’re on a team. It was apparent that the issue wasn’t with the coaches but the lack of leadership from the upperclassmen.

According to senior Connor Chapdelaine, “Its hard knowing the ability and talent your team has but the mental connection wasn’t there and that’s the big difference between this year’s success and last years failure.” Last years juniors, who are now seniors, are now captains and want this season be the one where it goes all the way. Only losing 2 starters from last year and gaining five new players with no varsity experience seemed as though it would take a while for everything to click.

“That wasn’t the case though, the change in leadership from last year to this year is why I believe our season was so much more successful. We were all nervous and unaware of what this season was going to look like and all of a sudden were in the top of the division.” Junior Griffin Cook reflects on the past two years he’s played on varsity lacrosse.

Any frustration based of the previous season were in the past and the young team is now looking forward. Every Goffstown player shows up to practice everyday to work and get better. The mood of the team seemed to change and playing as a team became more valued than singular players.

“They [the coaches] really wanted us to improve and become better players not only to win but so we become a closer team.”

At the end of last season practices were tough for the team. Physically and  mentally, the pressure to produce was high and it clearly wasn’t happening. Each day players became more frustrated and less passionate about working together. As the season went on and our record did not reflect our skill level and it wasnt from lack of good players, really it came down to the need to be lead in a different way.

“I don’t think we didn’t have the skill last year, that wasn’t really apart of it. I just think this years captains and seniors learned from the mistakes and worked towards fixing them.”

Last years season didn’t end the way the team wanted it to with the Goffstown boys finishing 13th in rank and missed the cut for playoffs. Closing the season with yet another preventable loss the only thing left to do was look forward to the next season. Comparatively the team now is not only in the playoffs but posing a threat to the top teams in the mix.

Even if the Goffstown boys lacrosse team doesn’t win the championship this year the growth is what really matters. With team leaders setting an example for the newer members on what works these practices can be implemented and carried on.