‘Issa Form of Art’

Erin Snooks makeup for fun one night, just to practice

Erin Snook’s makeup for fun one night, just to ‘practice’

Brianna Snook, Staff Writer

Into her freshman year, Erin Snook has had many new experiences. At 15 years old, she is kind of different then a lot of her peers. When she was in 6th grade, she started practicing and expertizing her MUA skills. Since then, people have been asking her to do their makeup for school dances like semi, homecoming, and especially prom. Erin says “it’s something I feel really passionate about, just as much as art”. In fact, her art has been something she’s been doing since the second she could pick up a pencil. “It’s the only thing I’m good at, I can’t really do anything else. In my gym class, someone yelled to me ‘Erin, how are you so good at art? It’s the only thing you do and it’s the one thing that you’re actually good at!’ and that’s when I realized; he was right”, she laughed. Along with Erin Snook’s makeup skills, she also has colored hair, consisting of the colors blue, pink, and purple. She started when she was younger doing “streaks”, then in eighth grade, she died it all purple. With that came summer 2017, when she decided to cut her hair and began dyeing it. She states, “in my opinion, my hair, makeup, and style are all what makes me who I am”. When asked what was misunderstood about her, she replied her hair, explaining how some people assume those who color their hair are crazy and a lot of people become judgmental based on looks, which she believes shouldn’t be the case as she says she’s not. “My friend the other day during lunch said she wanted me to come to her birthday party, but she was nervous her parents would be mean to me ‘because of my hair color. I don’t think people should judge others off of looks. It made me feel bad because I like to think I’m not a bad person, but there are people out there who are judgmental in that sense”. To follow up, I asked what advice she would have to give, she explained that she doesn’t really have a lot of advice, but “I guess be smart, don’t procrastinate, and especially don’t judge others based on their looks, you don’t really know them”. Erin believes that her makeup and hair are a form of expression and art. She is an incredibly smart girl, but also very creative.

Even at a young age, Erin recalls coming home from school to do her work, and each time she would have a bunch of little drawings around the edges and all over the back pages. One time when she was in eighth grade, she remembers “my teacher called me out in class, and I walked back to her desk. She told me that she wanted me to stop drawing all over my papers because it was annoying to her. I can’t help it, if I finish early, I wanna draw. If I’m bored, still wanna draw. She was genuinely offended and I was like lol sorry,” she giggled.

When asked about what she loves about makeup and art, Erin says everything. “There is no in between with them, people will ask me ‘how come you’re so good at doing makeup and art?’, and all I have to say is there is no difference. Practice makes perfect. Issa form of art” she responded.

On top of her outside fascination with art, Erin also brings a lot to the table at school. As a freshman, she made the banner for the GHS class of 2021 at homecoming, and currently is taking part in the winter carnival banners at school after hours. She is also an active member of the GHS art club and attends Tuesdays from 3-4:30pm. Back in semester one, Erin had her drawing hung up at the Goffstown Town Hall and won an award for it. “I came home from school and was so excited because my drawing was of one of my favorite makeup inspirations, Thomas Halbert, and it was something I was really, really proud of and it made me really happy” she recalls.

Erin is an inspiration to so many people, even those who are older than her. In fact, with the Goffstown Prom approaching in May, she already has people requesting her to do their makeup. “It’s funny,” she says, “because [Brianna Snook] used to do my makeup when I was younger, but now I do [her] makeup. I remember buying my first makeup products and [she] did it for me, I was so happy. Funny how things changed” she laughed.

When it came down to the end, the one thing that was finally asked was what her goal was in life, where she could see herself in ten years. Her response was “I just want what everyone wants; to be happy. Maybe I’ll be doing makeup, maybe in college, or I could have something completely change. But one thing I do know is that I don’t have much to give as far as what do I want to do or where I want to be, but being happy is really something we all want, and it’s definitely what I do”.