Art Club at Goffstown High School

one of our first spray painting projects

one of our first spray painting projects

Brianna Snook, Staff Writer

Goffstown High School, among many other schools, has multiple talented people. All around the school you’ll find art, music, kids playing an instrument, singing, drawing, welding, doing photography, etc. However, art club is one that is special. In fact, many of the students in art club say that it’s one of the places where they have met some of their closest friends and always have a great time.

Mrs. Ava Lane is the art club administrator. The club consists of a new project each week, snacks, clean up efforts, and field trips. Just last week, the club took a trip to Muse Painting Bar for a field trip. Every Tuesday, the group meets after school at 3pm until 4:30pm. Usually the students start to file in at the Bell and find a seat. The executives will reach their way to the front and show everyone what will be on the agenda for the day.

In art club, for Halloween, the students will all dress up and compete for certain categories in which there is who had the best costume, funniest, scariest, etc. Each student will bring in something to share with the rest of the students in the club.

Another thing that art club hosts is the Jewelry Sale. The jewelry sale is one of the biggest things for the club and makes a lot of the profit to keep it up and running. There will be certain meetings that the club all gets together and all work on different stations, each one that will be a different type of jewelry. There are different types of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

On top of all of the things included, Art Club is an important aspect to Goffstown High School. Each student has had some sort of connection to another, they have all become close even if it’s just from seeing each other once a week. Friendships have been built, memories have been shared, & people have genuinely became like a community. Everyone in this club came because they were looking to do something with art. The school is filled with talented students and teachers. Just looking around people can tell. It’s thanks to the students and teachers that bring this to the rest of the school, and to clubs like this that help students express their talents and become a community.