Deadpool 2

Finn Grant, Staff Writer

Deadpool 2 is a phenomenal movie. As the movie progressed I became filled with emotions ranging from happy to melancholy and everything in between. As I was leaving the theatre I had no doubt in my mind that Deadpool 2 was nothing short of great, and I immediately felt the need to go see it again, in which I did a few days later. Ryan Reynolds, the actor chosen to portray Deadpool, could not have done a better job. As a big fan of the comic books marvel produced about Deadpool, I found a multitude of similarities between the comic book character and the movie character. Although the movie is a little bit more ostentatious about the humor used it still captures the carelessness and crudeness the original comics portrayed. Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beetz as Domino, Julian Dennison as Firefist and the X-Men in the previous movie did a fantastic job supporting the main character of Deadpool. Despite being secondary characters the dialogue and scenes allowed me to connect with the characters listed earlier better than most movies allow. This is a big part of the movie because at least one them was on the screen at all times making it a necessity to pay attention, making the movie more engaging and entertaining to watch. By doing this Deadpool 2 forced me to pay attention for the full 120 minutes, this is no easy feat for any movie to achieve. The visuals and cinematics of this movie were nothing short of amazing, whether it be simple transition scenes or full on CGI fights between Juggernaut and Colossus. The visual appeal such as the colors and contrast made the movie much easier to watch because it made the movie more fun and vibrant rather than dark and serious, a perfect representation of how Deadpool movies should be. The only problem I had with Deadpool 2 is that it did not dive deeper into the backgrounds of certain characters, specifically Cable and Domino. These 2 characters are very important to the plot of the movie and I think it would have been even easier than it already was to connect with these characters. They gave a little background about Cable and how he was from the future to save his daughter from firefist, but to me it wasn’t enough, just a little more about cable and who he is would have been ideal but not necessarily important; In Dominos case the only thing we know about her is that her superpower is luck. Once again a more detailed background would have been ideal but not a necessity. All in all Deadpool 2 is a must see movie. Everything about this movie is amazing and critics are saying the same thing. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 8/10, imdb gave it a 8.1/10, and common sense media gave it a ⅘. Everyone who has seen the movie will tell you it is great. Go and see Deadpool 2 and I guarantee you will be saying the same thing everyone else is.