New Location for SRC

The Place To Be


Many students have been wondering why the Student Resource Center has been relocated. The SRC, as many people know, is a quiet, resourceful place for students to go. It is a safe work environment open all day. The SRC is not only open during school hours, but also after school until 4:15, Monday through Thursday, as The Homework Den. It is also open on Friday from 7:56 to 2:41. The SRC and Homework Den were formerly located in room 206 but were moved to A-1. The location was moved because an Art teacher retired making the A-1 space available. 

There are numerous teachers available in the resource center to assist students. The teachers include Mrs. Galamaga, Mrs. Chase, Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Mahoney.

NHS tutors are also present during the day to assist students in their studies throughout their PREPS.

One student, senior Abi Sudak, has embraced the new location and change of scenery. “It feels a lot brighter. I work a lot better in brighter spaces. And it helps me to feel more efficient,” she explains. Another senior, Ethan Danielson, has a similar account of this new location. Ethan, who has been going to the SRC for a while now, explains that “the environment is well organized and helps students to produce good quality work.” The teachers also have a positive perception of the recent location changes. Monica Galamaga describes it as “a place to work, a place to get help.”