The Danish Girl Who Left Home


Julian Kilgore, Staff Writer

Simone -a Goffstown resident- came to the U.S as an exchange student in the year 1991 and her life would change forever. She has stayed in the U.S for over 20 years after immigrating from the small Scandinavian nation of Denmark. She was born in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen, a cultural and political hub in Northern Europe. Denmark is a land chalk full of great people who are always aspiring to live life at a nice, steady pace and be ‘hygge’ and they are consistently topping happiness charts for being the happiest people on the planet. Hygge is the danish word for being cozy, comfortable, and content with those you love. At 43, Simone still carries the mark of a dane. Blonde haired, blue eyed, intelligent, independent and fierce like her viking ancestors that once ruled her home land.

Today Simone is a Market Rep. for Cambria USA in the areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Cambria USA is a high end quartz surfaces producer. For many years she worked as an interior designer for various furniture companies, but after leaving her previous job she was looking for a change of pace. Something exciting. Prior to Cambria, she worked a short stint as a realtor. After job shopping for quite awhile, she found Cambria and they fit together like puzzle pieces. Simone loves her job at Cambria and the product they are marketing. She has quickly moved up and impressed the higher ups and other market reps throughout the country with her work ethic and people skills.

Life for Simone is quite different in the U.S than in Denmark because she has lived her entire adult life in the U.S. She says that being an adult entails many experiences not really had as a child. The U.S is more fast paced and not as liberal as Danish society. People are less friendly and less forgiving than in Denmark. Life for Simone would have been more easy going in Denmark. However, she hasn’t been able to experience life as an adult in Denmark. Marriage is what kept Simone in the U.S and the reason she has lived here for her adulthood. She would love to move back to Denmark and she says that she wants to be closer to her family and wants her children to grow up in a more progressive society.

The person who has had the biggest impact on her life is her first born son Julian. Julian made her a mother for the first time at 26 years of age and made her think about every decision she was making and how that decision would affect him and his future, not just herself. Having a child forced her to mature. With Julian she was able to share her culture, language and homeland. She was able to raise a fine young man and unknowingly practice for the other two children she would have later in life.  Having children has made her look at things in a way to make sure her children have the best possible opportunities in life and feel safe. Simone believes all of her children should get a college education, because she believes it got her to where she is today and she says “ my mother said it was important to get an education so I can support myself and not have to depend on others”. One thing she would recommend to her children as they grow up is that “they should be open minded”.

The beach is Simone’s favorite place on the planet and says “my favorite place is any beach anywhere”. She loves the beach because it provides a place where she can escape and feel at peace, lost in the serenity of the crashing waves as well as a multitude of other ocean sounds. Though the beach is her favorite place, if she could travel anywhere in the world she would love to travel to Machu Picchu in Peru.

She believes being a mother and a for the most part positive person are her greatest accomplishments to date. She believes she will have accomplished all of her life goals when she dies.