Homecoming Assembly: A Senior Perspective

Geri-Lynn Nolan, Staff Writer

The senior class decked out in white yelling at the top of their lungs “WHO’S HOUSE? OUR HOUSE” over and over repeatedly to prove a point that seniors are the top dogs of the school and it’s “OUR HOUSE” until the end. “It’s very sad to think that our class will never experience this again.” says Kailee Ely a senior who participated in this exhilarating day. This is one of the most hyped up days of the year.

Victory for the senior class both junior and senior year may have seemed easy for us, but none of it would have happened without the “positivity and determination within the seniors. We are all very hard working for our goals and what we want to achieve, as well as very deserving of things.” states Kailee. The adrenaline rush that runs through every single senior is insane. Anything and everything gives us a reason to be louder than ever.

One of the most memorable parts of the assembly was the soccer game. Seniors vs. Juniors. “When we won the soccer game, everyone ran down off the bleachers and jumped into a huge circle hugging each other with excitement. Everyone was very supportive with each other no matter who the person was.” It’s sad when you think about how close you’ve gotten to these people and it’s all going to be over soon. Kailee stated, “Homecoming brings our grade closer even if it’s just for a few hours.”, that’s what makes it so important to everyone and that’s what keeps homecoming assemblies so fulfilling.

Being a seniors gives you the right to brag about being top dog. Although Kailee thinks “it doesn’t feel any less or any more important than the other grades to be at the top.” Kailee enjoyed being a “role model for the younger grades even though [she] feel like a freshman sometimes.” She feels as though “these past few moments as a full senior class cheering for something they care about will forever stay with me as a memory of high school.”