Potential for Paintball


Riley Johansen, Staff Writer

Brenden Johansen, a sophomore at Goffstown High School and paintball player, is beginning a paintball club at school. Paintball is a fast paced sport where you fire paintballs at one another from across a playing field. Paintball might not be the sport for everyone but Brenden encourages everyone to come and try it out. Paintball club is still only in the works; the club has not officially launched due to technical difficulties, but Brenden is hopeful.

Brenden believes not enough people play paintball, and his goal is to introduce more people to the sport and hopefully help it grow. Paintball is not hard to get into, but it can be a bit pricey with rentals being $20-30 based on the place: $20-30 for a field fee and $20-30 for 500 paintballs (about one hour of play). Paintballs can leave large welts on your body, so what could possibly be the pay off for playing paintball? Brenden believes that “as soon as the ref calls it you get pumped full with adrenaline”, and the welts only last 2-3 days and most of the time tend to not hurt to the touch.

No experience is needed to join the club and no actual games will be held on school days as most paintball fields are closed on school days. If you are interested in more information about the potential club, Brenden says, “look for the kid with the spikey hair and neon green NASA sweatshirt” or see Mr. O’brien.