The First Acoustic Performance…an Incredible Opportunity


Picture by Autumn Hirsch

Beatrice Cascio, Staff Writer

On November 8th the first Acoustic Performance took place at Goffstown High School. This year the school created this big opportunity to show students’ real talents. It was a very informal event: something totally different from what the Music department usually does.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society thought about it as an opportunity to do something informal, and also something all run by the students. The committee presented their idea to the teachers, and they approved it.

The concert took place in the theatre lobby at GHS. They decided to do the concert there so that they’d have more space and to allow more people to come. The teachers are considering doing it next year in the Senior Cafeteria to have even more room. Mr. Desrochers, Mr. McKernan and Ms. Goldstein began organizing the auditions for it at the beginning of October. Around 22 students participated in the concert. Among them, a saxophone quartet and a strings ensemble. About 80 people were there to watch these performers. The performance was about an hour long. There were students singing, dancing and also solo dancing.

Mr. Desrochers believes ”it gave students additional opportunities to participate and also was something really informal that gave the students the opportunity to be creative”; in fact the students made all the rehearsals on their own; they didn’t even had a dress rehearsal.

One of the students that participated, Autumn Hirsch, a Junior at GHS, thinks that it was cool because she had the opportunity to pick her own song and perform with whomever she wanted. Autumn sang “I hate u, i love u” by Olivia O’Brien. Her friend Chloe danced with her, and another friend, Emily played the piano. Autumn has performed more than one time in GHS performances, but never in a performance like this. She said that this experience helped her to improve her confidence of performing in front of people. Her favorite part was definitely after the performance, when she saw how she did and she realized that she did very well. She was very proud of herself.

All the students who participated are part of the Music Department; they were all really close to each other and they enjoyed it even more.  Autumn comments: “For sure we’re going to do it again next year. It was amazing to sing together and do what we love: performing”.