Senior Challenge Day


Some seniors smiling at challenge day!

Jessica Martel, Staff Writer

The gym is silent, full of GHS seniors who sit in groups with a pencil in hand. Each one of them is in deep thought writing a letter. Letters of regret, forgiveness, or even to simply say I love you, and I appreciate you. Soon, one by one people start to stand up to embrace in hugs with their teachers and classmates. It is a time of forgiveness, appreciation, and realization. Emily Lydick makes her way anxiously across the room to give her letter to her best friend. A smile spreads across her face as her friend almost tackles her with a hug. This is the end of a long day- Challenge day.

On Tuesday December 11th, GHS provided a challenge day for seniors in the highschool gym. Challenge Day was a full day dedicated to help the seniors connect, let go of regrets, and think about what it means to move forward. The day started with many fun activities and games. The students had the oportunity to show of their very best dance moves and belt out their favorite songs. They seperated into teams to play a version of volleyball that involved huge beach balls and the teachers as cheerleaders in the background. The seniors truly got to let go and simply be themselves.

Emily Lydick is always the girl that is down to have a good time. “I loved being able to just be myself and have a lot of fun with my classmates; I even made some new friends and got the opportunity to reconnect with old ones,” she says.

Although challenge day was full of fun and games, it also had serious moments. Students participated in a silent cross the line exercise, where they learned a lot about each other and themselves. They were told to think about their fears, hardships, ones they love and ones they’ve lost. Every student reacted in their own way,  but everyone had the opportunity to share anything that they may have been holding back. At the end of the day students got use the microphone to share with the class anything they wanted. Megan Charest took this time to shout out her to friends. She let them know how much she loved and appreciated them. This day allowed out students to open up and simply be themselves. It was a good mental health day for all the students.

This is Megan’s third challenge day and she felt she really got to connect with her senior class. “It made me extremely happy to shout out my best friends, one of them even cried tears of happiness, it feels good to let them know how much they mean to me”Megan explains.