Fire Explorers Explore


Emilie Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

On December 8th, after one year of smaller trainings, the Fire Explorers Post 633 of Goffstown worked together with the Hopkinton Fire Explorers at the Dunbarton Elementary School to put all the skills they have acquired to use. Most Explorers rode in the firetruck to the scene (Dunbarton Elementary School) of the fake fire where they then met up and discussed the situation. The hoses were put in the school and filled with air in order to simulate a real hose in the building without the mess of water spills. Dummies were placed within the building while the explorers were not looking and then all the lights were turned off and everyone went to their post.

Goffstown Fire Explorers is an organization that allows students to learn about being a firefighter and EMT until they are 21 or have a job at a fire station. The program takes place at the local fire stations with firefighters who volunteer to run it. They run this program to introduce kids to firefighting before they have to make the career choice and decide if they enjoy it.

For most explorers this was their first time being in command or being a lieutenant in the situation. Many people including Cameron Foster, the chief of the group, said that “It was a great experience for the newer members of the group.” Many of the members had been looking forward to this exercise since the beginning of the year.

The training for the Fire Explorers includes participating in live fire drills with the fire department, learning how to use the SCBA equipment (self-contained breathing apparatus), and more. The program loves to have new members joining them and are very open to special guests to come experience what they do and possibly join. “The group is also hoping to do more trainings in the year of 2019 to advance and have a more effective end of year training” Brian Foster said.

Students are welcome to come and join any time and more information can be found at Station 18 or 19 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Goffstown.