This Is News!

This Is News!

Megan Charest, Staff Writer

Lights. Camera. Action! The record light goes on and it’s go time “ Good Afternoon this is your GHS podcast”.

An average production of the podcast starts with brainstorming different events and town news to present to the school. Then the crew starts the recording of the general news or the school news. Then the crew goes around and interviews different students about what  events they are into and what they want the school to know. Some of the segments in the podcast are sports highlights, activities the school puts on, club announcements and a special segment to highlight the hidden talent Goffstown High School has to offer called The Grizzly Of The Week.  

Anthony Chalbeck is the editor and host of the GHS Podcast and he would describe the podcast crew as fun, positive, laid back, energetic and full of team work. Anthony got involved in the podcast for his editing skills and the original host, Dylan Perkins thought he could bring a new attribute to the show.

There is a lot of leeway when making the podcast. “The rules are pretty simple we have to keep the show PG and to make the announcements true,”  Anthony stated. The podcast crew makes sure every time they give announcements that they are real announcements and not fake news. The podcast crew consists of  two directors, four hosts, three cameramen and two editors.

The podcast crew hopes that more student get involved to make the show full of the diverse community that the Goffstown High School has to offer. Be apart of this local group of teens giving the school the upcoming hot news. The crew meets Wednesdays after school in room 201 till 4:30 pm.