Inspiration From The Museum of Fine Arts


Julia Gentili, Staff Writer

The Drawing and Studio class students walk through the doors with their sketchbooks and pencils in hand; The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and all it’s treasures before them. They are ready to have a calm day of sketching and strolling around the museum.

The goal of the trip on November 30th was to get inspiration from art pieces to incorporate in their own 2D art piece. The product should incorporate the museum pieces by including parts of paintings or drawings, drawing an object, or creating an entirely new piece in the style of an artist featured in the museum. The final work can be of whatever the students may like it to be as long as they have inspiration from the field trip included. The piece also can be made of any drawing medium the student would like such as black and white charcoal, pastels, copic markers, colored pencils etc. This is going to counted as their midterm exam grade.

The museum served its purpose as inspiration for the student artwork. Paige Robinson got inspiration from an old mirror with a lot of intequaite detail. One studenti got inspiration from an old guitar-shaped violin from 1834. “It was a good experience and I got a lot of inspiration from looking at all the different mediums of artwork” says student Christina Gunski.

Students were assigned to create three sketches in their sketchbooks of artwork in the museum to get started. They could sit and do the sketches while at the museum and looking at a piece or just take a couple of pictures of art they liked and sketch from the pictures at home or another time. By Christmas break, students had to come up with a plan of what they want to do to start the project after vacation. Classes after vacation are going to be used to create the project.

Students enjoyed the trip. “It was a really fun and good experience where we were able to explore art we wanted to see to get inspiration for our own projects” says art student Ava Ostrander. “I had a really fun time walking around and seeing everything. Definitely one of the best trips I’ve been on” she explains. Kori Chamberlain, another student who went on the trip, appreciated the museum and all that it contained. “It was a great experience to look at and appreciate the art that was done hundreds of years ago and it was incredible to see all of the huge artworks on the walls. It was a lot to take in” she says.