The Search is on for Prom Dresses


2018 Prom

Emily Lydick, Staff Writer


The search is on… Girls all around are beginning to look for their dream dresses for this year’s Junior and Senior prom. Prom this year is going to be located at the Radisson hotel in Manchester, NH and is on May 11, 2019. Many girls are wondering where to buy dresses, or how much they should pay on their dress, or even how to make sure they don’t have the same dress as anyone else attending prom this year?

Many girls enjoy going to Glitterati in Danvers, Massachusetts. Although it’s more on the pricey side, they have tons of beautiful dresses in so many different colors and styles! Also, many girls go to bridal stores to find their dream dresses. Alicia Duval went to David’s Bridal in Nashua last year and explains “I loved the dress I had last year for prom and it was definitely a lot cheaper than some of the hundreds of dollar dresses that other girls had.” Many girls agreed. A number of girls especially the underclassmen who are invited to prom, buy dresses for much cheaper from other girls who went a previous year. Chloe Smith explains “I went my sophomore wear and bought a dress off a senior from a previous year and I’m so happy I did I saved so much money!” This is another great way to buy a beautiful dress on a budget!

A Facebook page is made every year as well, with girls posting their prom dresses to be sure no one else purchases the same dress as anyone else because no one wants to spend all that money to end up wearing the same dress as someone else! Also, many stores containing prom dresses have a policy that if you purchase a dress from that store no one else from your school is able to buy that same dress in that same color or even that dress at all. The Facebook page this year is called “Goffstown High School Prom 2019” so feel free to join and check out what gorgeous dresses girls are purchasing this year.