Opinions in Our Minds


Which is better?

Emilie Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Everybody has an opinion. These things include laws; rules, politics, and can even include ideas. Every topic in the world, many people have different opinions. Opinions are what lead you to arguments, but also disagreements. Opinions can separate groups of people, families, friends, geographic regions, and even countries. Even though everybody has an opinion, there has always been a disagreement of whether opinions are right or wrong.

Opinions can be generated by past events, relationships, politics, or societal influences. Strong opinions can be good or bad. In Psychology today’s strong opinions article it says “There’s no doubt that we need opinions to live a healthy life, and at the same time they help us to make sense of the world, to feel safe and secure, certain and sure.” Opinions help you fit in and create groups, clubs, and organizations of people with like interests.

 Most people have opinions that are very strong. Strong opinions are generated by events that have happened to people or by their core beliefs. When some people have a strong opinions, they tend to be closed-minded and not willing to change. By being closed-minded, they are not open to anyone else’s ideas around them. In Is being closed-minded always bad? from Psychology Today it says that “I have a set of guiding principles for deciding how to spend my time and money.” This is because he is not open to changing his opinion and it is easier for him to make his decision based on this

Opinions can be related to meditation. In Strong Opinions Puddicombe says “one of my teachers once said to me “the secret of meditation is to always remember that anything you think is right could be wrong, and anything you think is wrong could be right. Never assume anything and always be prepared to give up everything you ever believed in.” He said this because opinions can always change, and if you do not hold your opinion very strongly your mind can be opened to others. Also by holding your opinion loosely, you can sympathize and understand others. It will allow you to keep your mind open to what other people think and that there always can be another way to do something.

In conclusion, opinions are a great thing to have because they can spike amazing discussions and debates. Opinions are not okay though because if they are very strong than the person that is holding them may have a hard time understanding others and what they think. Also people’s opinions change over time and may not be the same as when they were an uneducated child in first grade to when they graduate college. People who have opinions need to understand that sometimes they may be wrong but sometimes they may be right and have to accept it.