Should Culinary be a Required Course?

Should Culinary be a Required Course?

Megan Charest, Staff Writer

Everyone in the world needs one thing to survive, they need to eat. So shouldn’t it be required that in a kids life that culinary should be a required course? In life you always hear stories of college kids not being able to cook! The basic life skill for a human to have is cooking a full nutritional healthy meal for themselves.

In 2019 I found myself wondering how my friends are going to survive in life! Teens nowadays don’t have the skills to make the simple meal eggs and toast. “Part of the reason for millennial’s lack of cooking knowledge may be that as more women have entered or remained in the workforce, fewer millennial’s have had stay-at-home parents teaching them to cook”[1]. For this very reason I believe that culinary should be required.

In America the obesity rate is so high because people are so quick to microwave a processed meal, then to make it fresh. “The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015~2016.”[2]. If teens can get the skills to make a healthy home cook meals then they won’t have to go out and spend so much on fast food.

When asking the culinary arts teacher at Goffstown High, Eric Greenland says “the course is something they can take to make them more independent”. As a high school student myself, it’s pretty sad when my friends can’t cook for themselves.

In order to make the Culinary class required, you have to make a proposal to a school board meeting, to state on why the class is important. Then get a ton of signatures from students and staff members . The final proposal is then to be voted on by the school board. These are just some of the reasons that culinary should be required.



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