NHS Induction


Alicia Duval, Staff Writer


The lights dim and the theater goes silent. GHS senior Patrick Mannion starts off the ceremony with a welcoming speech to all the upcoming NHS Inductees. After, Mr. Mcbride comes up on stage and gives a speech congratulating all the inductees and all the seniors who are introducing each inductee with a speech. Each inductee walks up to the stage, accepts their certificate, and grabs their candle for the lighting ceremony.

The Induction was run by current NHS members. The ceremony took place in the GHS theater on January 11. 2019.The Seniors of NHS, planned and ran the whole ceremony. Pat Mannion is the president of NHS and was the speaker for most of the night. Lilly Proulx and Megan Lambert are the vice presidents of NHS. The vice presidents and the president introduced the Evening. After the introduction, each member of NHS made a speech introducing each inductee. The speech consisted of the inductees success and accomplishments throughout their high school career.

Shea Hurard is one of the new Inductees of NHS. Shea is honored to be a part of NHS. She has worked hard throughout all of her high school career to earn the honor . She has always pushed herself toward her goals and being a part of NHS has been one of her goals since her freshman year. Shea said “ I’m so happy to be part of a club as great as NHS. It’s a big accomplishment for me and I’m so proud of myself”.

Griffin Hansen was one of the members introducing the new members of NHS. He is honored to be part of NHS as well. He thinks that everyone who was introduced to this club is a leader. Griffin believes this club is filled with leaders that has the opportunity to do something great with their lives. Griffin feels “ very comfortable with the upcoming members. I think that this club is in good hands and I’m proud of all my peers”.