Alice Green’s Perspective


Alyssa Lepage, Staff Writer


Dear Diary,

It was July 5th  of 1863; the Civil War was in progress. John was an idiot and had decided to sacrifice himself for the Union leaders who he realized were right all along. 

He swept across the lands there was a war a foot, passionate yes, but he was the man who instigated this war. All for his foolish mind getting himself into trouble, he walked into the field like a pigeon livered idiot.

 “Is he a bigoted fool, or a man?” I thought 

I thought,“Us women ain’t allowed to speak our minds.’’

Anyways.. John had said ‘I Love you.’ I only just met the man in the hospital for wounded soldiers. I’m a 21 year old nurse for the Confederacy. I was astonished and quite shocked at the same time. It was mighty cute thought. In a way, I fell for this man, but I know I have another love, waiting on the other side, fighting for me once more… I feel I should separate this attachment so I don’t break one of the lord’s commandments.

My consciousness is my own, and cheating on my love is done but there will always be blood on the battlefield. The cries and screams come up from my head, the impact it has made on my perspective, my way of the good. The impact of the war in my life has saved me, but the memories I have are shattered.

The end comes and remember the ones who have perished while the end of your end comes as well, flashing before your eyes, and this is my last entry in a long time.


This is Alice Green’s perspective. Life’s not easy in the bloody battle of life; you just have to keep on moving.