Prom 2019


Zoe Zeballos, Staff Writer

The Goffstown High School’s 2019 Prom was held on the eleventh of May. Just before the clock struck seven, students began to flood into the Hilton DoubleTree ballroom to find a place to sit and chat with friends.

As people began to settle down, dinner was served. Various bread rolls were placed at tables, and some people used pats of butter shaped into balls to spread on top. While bread-lovers nibbled, plates of salad sprinkled with cheese were placed in front of each willing to eat teenager by the Hilton waitstaff. After appetizers had been served and mostly eaten, it was onto dinner.

Prom-goers lined up to get a chance at a buffet dinner of barbecue steak tips, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Dessert consisted of a series of various sliced cakes like Oreo and Reeses, along with mini cakes and cheesecake pops. All the food was incredibly filling to the point even veteran face stuffers had to turn down another slice of cake.

Lights dimmed as students turned to dancers on the floor grooving to popular tunes in front of the DJ. Photo booths also began to fill up with smiling couples and friends, as if everyone wanted something to remember the night by. A way to somehow preserve not only a moment, but the years spent with friends before the all too soon changing times.

Midway through the night, interested prom-goers gathered in front of the DJ’s stage to hear the announcement of the Prom King, Queen, and Court.

After ten, the dance floor began to dwindle slowly. By the time eleven rolled around only a few groups of friends were left rocking to the DJ’s tunes. Prom ended with a play of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which prominently featured a lovely lip sync to the song done by various students.