Album Review: Sucker Punch by Sigrid

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Harvest Fladd, Staff Writer

Sigrid is a Norwegian pop singer-songwriter. She grew up in the sunny seaport of Ålesund in western Norway, about 300 miles from Oslo. In her interview with Apple Music, Sigrid said that “You can’t have happiness without feeling sorrow.” Sigrid said that she feels inspired by almost any music and she even uses multiple influences from almost all genres.

To me this album feels like a very catchy listen. The songs are beautifully produced and have a beautiful flow and rhythm. To me, the songs all have a pretty distinctive and unique sound. Possibly the best thing on this album, however, is the album cover. The album cover is a bright red and is decorated with a small amount of white squiggly lines and wild flowers, with Sigrid herself in the center of the album. Finally, the flow from song to song is beautiful and even effortless.

The first song on the album is Sucker Punch”. This is a bright, fun, catchy song; It introduces her general style of music, as well as her writing style.  Overall, this song is a beautiful addition to anyone’s library.

The second song is titled Mine Right Now. This song is also incredibly catchy and incorporates an 80’s-style beat. The main thing that makes this song catchy is the simple synths in the background. Even if you don’t like this song, you’ll still have it stuck in your head. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes poppy, dance-able music.

The next song is called Basic. The song starts with about five seconds of silence which kind of turned me off to the song. Even though you have to wait for the song to start, I find it to be worth it. The song is very energetic and I like to use it to energize myself. My only dislike of this song is the opening, as it just took too long to get to the music. If you enjoy the rest of the album, you’ll like this song too.

The fourth song is called Strangers”. This song is by far my favorite song on the album. It uses a catchy hook to draw you into the song, and the lyrics are an exquisite addition.  It starts out as a simple beat and works up to a fast upbeat tempo. The vocals on this track are gentle but perfect for the song. Overall this song, like I said before, is my favorite on the album.

The next song is titled Don’t Feel Like Crying”. The song is, from the get-go, an inspiring song. It’s inspiring because the message is overwhelmingly positive. Sigrid sings about how she could feel terrible about a situation, or she could go out and live her life. This was the first song on this album I heard, and I was immediately inspired to stop being in depressed teenager mode. I would recommend this to someone who would need emotional healing or someone who recently went through a break-up.

The sixth song on this is called Level Up”. The song starts with a nice, slow beat. Overall this is a good song, but it doesn’t really stand out from the other songs. The lyrics are all about how she’s overcoming problems in her relationship. There’s not much else to say about this. I would recommend this to one who would want the full album, but not to anyone who is just easing into the artist.

The next song is called Sight Of You. This song is very similar to my other favorite songs on this album (we can all agree I have a pattern of liking these songs). The track opens with a fade-in to the main instrumental.  This song is a very nice uplifting song. The lyrical content is definitely a reflection of the previous description. Towards the middle, the song slows down and then speeds up again, which is probably my favorite part of this entire song. I would recommend this song to anyone who is easing into this artist.

The eighth song is called In Vain. This song, in the beginning, sounds like the emo, breakup song that everyone seems to want from Sigrid.  This is a pretty good song; however, it is definitely not the depressing song described previously. It definitely is a sulky type of song  until it goes into remix territory with some unusual beats thrown in. Again, not a huge stand out from the other songs. (beginning of last sentence?)


The next song is called Don’t kill my vibe. The intro to this sings the lyrics of the chorus but distorted. It’s definitely a song that made me feel powerful. The lyrics are all about how she’s tired of letting people mess up her creative flow. This is exemplified in the tone she takes while singing the song, an angry almost strident voice. Overall this song is definitely a passionate song which I would recommend to everyone and anyone.


The tenth song is called Business Dinners. The song starts off with a seemingly random sound, which is repeated throughout the song. The song is about how Sigrid feels like she’s under pressure from society’s expectations and then talks about how “(she) wants to be (her)” .  This is probably a good song for someone who is feeling patronized or otherwise appropriated.


The next song is called Never Mine. The song starts out on a fade in but unlike Sight Of You, this song is more gentle until the chorus. The chorus is very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The actual song is about moving on in a relationship. Sigrid sings about how she feels forgotten and abandoned. Overall this song is a good song but better for someone familiar with the artist.

The Twelfth and final song is titled Dynamite. This song is the depressing, emo ballad that everyone seems to want her to sing. The song starts in on a gentle piano and progresses onto Sigrid singing.  The song is about doubting that a relationship will work. This is such a stand out song that missing it is almost a crime. Overall, this is a must listen.


All-in-all this is a very good album with a very nice flow and structure. My favorite song by far is Strangers.   This is definitely a good album to listen to if you enjoy pop and EDM music.