The End is Near


Wyatt Hooker, Staff Writer


Rushing to turn in homework, scrambling to finish projects and tests, begging for that one extra point-sounds like the end of the quarter is rapidly approaching and students are either nice and calm or flipping out like the Tasmanian devil. The end of the quarter has always been a stressful time of the school year for some students. Unfortunately, the stress is what sometimes makes a student careless when turning in their work.

Stress has always been a factor in a student’s ability to comprehend and understand the work that is taught to them. The end of the quarter is like pouring gasoline on an already roaring fire.  One GHS student states, “I’m working everyday right after school and have almost no time to get my work done.” However, some students take the end of the quarter differently. “I feel pretty good about the work I’ve done and have tried my best at it,” observes Joey Altobello. The end affects everyone in their own way.

Students’ reactions to the end of the quarter can show the type of work ethic they’ve had so far this year. There are still three more quarters to go.  Students will need to plan their time wisely for those who are struggling with grades in order to succeed in the upcoming quarters.