Why Vaccinating Is So Important


Quincy Fitz, Staff Writer

It’s the time of year again when flu shots are being offered in every doctor’s office and even some stores and pharmacies. The only thing is, some people are totally against them. Not even just the flu vaccine, but vaccines in general. People have many reasons for refusing to get them, but overall, they are so important.

There are people who believe that vaccines cause serious medical issues and disabilities. People think that vaccines could even cause autism, even though that is a genetic disability. A genetic disability is decided way before birth because it happens while your genetic code is still being constructed. And obviously, vaccines can’t be given until some point after you’re born which proves that vaccines can’t be the cause for autism.

There are way too many diseases and illnesses in the world for so many people to just stop vaccinating themselves and their children. Vaccines will just increase your chance of not falling ill, and being/staying healthy.

These days,  science and technology has advanced so much and endless research has been done in order to find ways to prevent diseases. One of those ways is vaccines. So many diseases have completely gone away due to vaccines so why wouldn’t you want to get them? We risk bringing back so many horrible diseases just because people believe they’re better off not vaccinating their children.

Vaccinating started early in the 20th century and it’s always caused more good than it could have caused harm. Doctors have practically mastered the practice, so it is more effective and safe as ever. If you can choose to protect yourself, others around you, and future generations, why wouldn’t you?