Ms. Webber Joins GHS


Julia Gentili, Senior Editor

Anne Marie Webber is a new math teacher here at Goffstown High School. When Ms. Webber was looking for jobs in New Hampshire to be closer to her kids, she found the listing for a teacher at GHS. She applied, got an interview and it became her first choice. “I really love it!” she says. “The kids are great, the colleagues are fun and coming from other places, this school is amazing.”  

She has always wanted to be a teacher since she was young, it was what she wanted to be when she grew up. The thing she loves most about teaching is connecting and getting to know students. One of her favorite memories from teaching was when she got to connect with students. When she taught 7th grade in Vermont her school did something called “The Patriot Challenge”, “it was like a field day” Ms. Webber explained, “and the staff got to participate” with the kids. 

Connecting with kids is one of her strengths. Another one of her strengths is that she is a “math nerd”. “It teaches you how to think for everything. Problem solving isn’t always just in math, it’s a good skill to have,” Ms. Webber explained. She believes the hardest thing for students to learn in math is “understanding how to take one concept and apply it to other subjects and other branches within math”. Using inquiry based learning, group work, videos and a program called Turtle Stitch, Ms. Webber tries to keep learning fun and interesting, so students can understand the curriculum and apply to other places. She tries her best to avoid busy work and work sheets. In the past she has taught at a different high school and middle school in Vermont. She has also worked as a head teller at a bank and an office manager of a dance studio. She is also a mom of 30 years.

Everyday Ms. Webber gets up at 4:45am and leaves her house at 6:00 a.m. for an hour long car ride to school. She likes to listen to books on her car ride to and from work. Currently she is listening to Harry Potter.  She loves hiking in N.H. and getting together with friends and family. She has four children who live around here, two in Vermont and two in Massachuests. Lately she has been spending time on the weekends winterizing her house so it won’t be cold as temperatures begin to drop. Fall is her favorite season and it’s “beautiful, crisp days”.  

Mrs. Webber hopes to become more professionally organized this year. As her first year teaching here, she “welcomes veteran teacher’s opinions and learn more from them” than her own. She’s hoping to learn more and help others learn. She is also hoping for a great school year.