Aliens Are Real

Cheyenne Isaia, Staff Writer

The universe is huge. There is so much of it that scientists have not discovered. Is it really possible or logical that the living beings on Earth are the only living beings in the entire Universe? I don’t think so. There are others out there.

The question “are aliens real?” has been around for a while. Around the question conspiracy theories have arisen such as, did aliens help build the pyramids? And are there aliens in Area 51? Do they live among us? These are questions we may never have scientific evidence to prove. What I mean by aliens is life outside of this galaxy or planet. For me, aliens are real. How could we be the only planet able to withstand life?

I took a survey at Goffstown High school of 46 students.

Out of 46 students 31 believed Aliens were real. I’m glad at least some people know we are not the only ones in the universe. I find it impossible for us to be the only ones in an entire universe. We have found planets similar to earth, and we are trying to start a colony on Mars.

With the question do you believe aliens live among us 21 said yes and 25 said no. This one I’m not sure what I think about this. I think it is possible they live among us and we don’t know.

Do you believe aliens will ever visit earth if they haven’t already had close results with 25 saying yes and 21 saying no. Aliens have visited before. There are sculptures and writing from ancient time talking or showing extraterrestrial life.

Do you believe aliens would destroy earth if they came here; only 4 said yes and 35 said no out of those 35; 14 said they would leave after seeing how awful humanity is, and I would not blame them, look how we are treating people just because they are different.

If aliens are smarter than us 21 said yes and 22 said no. They are smarter than us they can travel through galaxies; It’s no question they are smarter than us.

On what aliens look like I didn’t get everyone’s answer. 11 said they are green with one eye and tiny, one said they are computers, two said organisms and seven said they could look like anything including us. They are not computers.

Are aliens in Area 51, 22 said yes and 25 said no. Out of those 22 all of them said they would storm Area 51. Aliens are on Area 51. Why else would the base be so secret? I would also storm Area 51. I hope they do it next year. I don’t think a military base should be this secret. There are aliens on it.

My last question was about a big conspiracy theory, did aliens helped build the pyramids? 14 said yes and 28 said no. I think they did help build the pyramids. One block on the pyramid is 5,750,000 tons. There is no way someone was able to lift them to stack them. Aliens helped build them. There are still so many theories out there about aliens and there’s even more people who believe in aliens and so many that don’t. If you ask me aliens are real no question about it.