Why You Should Cancel Your Cable


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Harvest Fladd, Staff Writer

Many people still use cable. I feel as though having a cable television service is outdated. If you switch to streaming, however, media consumption would not only be easier but cheaper as well.

First, a subscription to cable television is, on average, $107 a month. That’s not exactly cheap. Streaming (Hulu, Netflix and Disney +),  on the other hand is a mere $40 a month. Per year an average cable cost is around $1,280 a year. In contrast, streaming is $480 per year. That’s a $800 difference per year.  In other terms, switching to streaming is better for your wallet.

Next, popular shows are already available to stream on most streaming services. Shows like; Boku no Hero Academia (Hulu), Great British Bake-off (Netflix), and Breaking Bad (Netflix) are all available on streaming services, not to mention movies like; Black panther (Netflix), Frozen (Disney +), and all The Avengers movies (Disney +). Also, shows air on Hulu 8-16 hours after they air on live television.  Overall, streaming would work with most people’s current taste in shows, so switching would mean you wouldn’t be missing much.

Finally, a cancellation of your cable television will make controls easy to understand on most remotes. An Xfinity XR2 remote has exactly 40 buttons with 30 functions. A 4th generation Amazon fire TV remote has 12 buttons with 16 functions. Less buttons and less functions makes navigation easy to accomplish. Let’s be real here, having 30 functions on a remote makes it difficult to learn, use and navigate.

Finally, cancelling a cable television subscription can result in cheaper bills and easier media consumption. Popular favorite shows and movies are available to stream. Easy media consumption is only a cancellation away. Your bills will go down. Stop worrying and just switch.