Giving Back for the Holidays


Joey Altobello, Staff Writer

The Holiday season is here and this is the time when your community needs you the most. Now is the best time of year to donate and help out less fortunate families. While your family is inside this winter there are some families who will be cold and hungry. Even just a few dollars can make someone’s day a lot better. Participating in programs like the canned food drive give you the opportunity to donate. 

During the Canned Food Drive at GHS, volunteers from Student Council go from class to class to collect cans and cash as donations.  Bringing cans from home is an easy way to donate and if you can’t spare any, then donate a few dollars! Students also earn Winter Carnival points by donating to the Canned Food Drive.

Many poor families work multiple jobs over the holidays to support their families, so we should help those families out and give them a holiday they deserve. “My boss gives us the option to donate a part of our paycheck to charity.” says Aidan Chouinard, a student at GHS. Some grocery stores even have options of donating a portion of your order to charities. Baking cookies for families and neighbors is also a great way of getting into the spirit of giving. Going through an old toy box and giving to another kid is also an option to brighten someone’s day.

If you missed the chance this season, you can still donate any time of the year. There are many charities to support. Volunteering at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and even the school are good ways of lending a hand.

“Every year my family collects cans from Thanksgiving until Christmas and then after break we donate them.” says Aidan Chouinard. Tanner Fontaine, a Goffstown resident had this to say: “I try and give back as much as I can this time of year because I know there are cold and hungry families.”