Zoom Tips and Tutorial



Alexis Collins, Staff Writer

With fully remote students and separate cohorts, zoom can be the only time we spend with class mates. Zoom is a helpful and crucial tool to remote learning. But without understanding zoom and its functions, how can we use it to it’s full potential? I present a tutorial of zoom’s basic functions.


Logging On

Search zoom on your preferred browser or app. Most teachers will provide a link that automatically puts you into your meeting, if not select join a meeting. Then put in the meeting ID and pass code which was given to you in your school email. This should then bring you to your meeting.


Break Out Rooms

Teaches may use break out rooms. This splits the class up into sections to have more in depth discussions or work on a group assignment. Teachers can enter break out rooms to answer questions and move discussions further. They are a great tool to make zoom classes more interactive.


Zoom Etiquette

With hundreds of kids using zoom things can get messy. To ensure an effective learning environment be sure to mute your microphone until you want to speak or you are called on. Always have your camera on to show your teacher that you are paying attention. Engage with the class by having discussions, completing an assignment, or taking notes.


Logging Off

To exit the call simply select the red button that states leave in the upper right corner.


Zoom may not be an ideal method of learning for some but with the global pandemic we need to be flexible. We may even learn skills for the future using zoom!