What the 2021 Basketball Season Looks Like


Brianna Gagnon, Staff Writer

During this time of masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing, it’s hard to imagine a close contact sport such as basketball to be supported by GHS, but the question still remains answerless. 

  Logistically, having a basketball season during the 2020-2021 school year is nearly impossible, such a close contact indoor sport is sure to raise some red flags. Even if students wear a mask, is it enough for students to feel safe?

Mr. Hufft, the Athletic Director here at GHS says that it is possible to have a basketball season this year. All players will have to wear a mask, both in games and in practice. On top of that, attendance will be limited to no fans at all, or only two people per player. Those decisions are not subject to change. 

“The number of games will be down to a maximum of 12 games as opposed to the 18 game maximum in a typical year.” Stated Hufft. Each game will be standard length, so the team will be losing six games of playtime this year. 

“It is possible that we may need to put a pause on basketball at times depending on how cases are looking in our community and surrounding communities,” declared Hufft, “It could be that we only practice and don’t play games for a certain amount of time, or it could be that we need to pause all activities including practices depending on what is in the best interest of keeping school open.”