Club Spotlight: Student Council


Former student council members at state conference. Photo Credit: Erin McKinnon

Alyssa Gabbidon, Staff Writer

From hosting homecoming assemblies to planning prom, GHS’s student council has always been an influential part of the community. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how student council works.

With strict guidelines to adhere to, student council has been unable to function the way they usually do. Meetings that once included all members and weekly breakfast, must now be conducted with half of the club’s members watching over zoom.

“This year it feels like I’m walking into meetings with a blindfold on,” says student council president Aron Silvestre. “I know the room, but it’s hard to tell how people are feeling and what workload they’re able to handle.”

Major events such as prom and winter carnival are nearly impossible to schedule. Many of these activities involve large groups of students meeting in one space, which does not allow for proper social distancing.

“Earlier this year, we tried to schedule a drive-in event for the senior class,” says senior class treasurer Phoebe Castellano. The event had to be canceled, as it went against some of the social distancing guidelines. “At the end of the day, safety is everyone’s main concern and we just want to make sure we aren’t creating risk,” says Castellano.

Despite the various challenges the pandemic has offered, student council continues to meet regularly and is attempting to plan events for the remaining half of the year.

“Extracurricular activities are especially difficult this year,” says Silvestre. “However, it’s the groups that work together with honest communication and vulnerability that stay afloat, and I’m proud of student council for doing just that.”