Mental Health Reminder


Alexis Collins, Staff Writer

Goffstown High School is currently split between hybrid and remote. Due to COVID 19, the school has adopted a hybrid model of instruction where students are face to face for two days and remote for three days a week. GHS also offers an Online Academy for students who want to be fully remote. With not going to school everyday, or not going at all, students aren’t socializing as much as in the past. Although school may not be popular with everyone, it can’t be denied it’s a place to socialize, make friends, and talk to teachers. Without consistent and fundamental human interaction, students are struggling with their mental health. 

In school students are given a structured place for productivity and to interaction. Teens took this for granted and grew used to having it. Now, many students’ are struggling with the effects of isolation. Grades are plummeting and students are struggling more and more everyday. Being so worried about physical health, hoping to not get the virus, students are neglecting their mental health which is just as important. 

While at home, it is easy to procrastinate and put aside important tasks such as doing homework or studying. By the end of the semester, before you know it, you have 30 missed assignments! This isn’t entirely because you were lazy; a mental block can be built without you even noticing, and it can feel impossible to break it down. Some ways to break this block are keeping a consistent sleep schedule (our bodies need much more sleep to function than people assume), having a good diet (hot pockets and Mountain Dew aren’t helping your brain function), and finally, having a set schedule for completing your assignments.

These are just a few changes that can help break that block. You may also find reaching out to your guidance counselor helpful. They are there to help!