New Band Director

Kara McGeehan, Staff Writer

This year GHS hired a new band director. Now, considering it is more than halfway through the semester, some of you might have already had the chance to meet Mr. Belding. Mr. Belding has been a teacher for 15 years, and he joined the MVMs staff right out of college. Because he was the chorus teacher at MVMs, some of his students recognize his bright smile in the hallways.

Mr. Belding said that he tends to reside in the Music Wing, but he tries to break out every once and a while to walk around the school, rather than just sit in the small office and two rooms all day.

When asked what his favorite instrument was, he said percussion, although he studied voice during his time at college at the University of Southern Maine. He also has an appreciation of jam bands and the Grateful Dead. He also said he “can make a pretty mean breakfast” as another talent that some students don’t know.

As some music and theater regulars know, all of the music instructors greatly enjoy their coffee. When asked about his coffee preferences, he quickly said that he liked his coffee black, no cream, no sugar.

When asked about his hopes for the future, he commented this wonderful thought: “I hope we can work through the impact the pandemic has had on our program, and continue to make the best music possible with the best high school musicians in the state! We have such a talented core of students already, with many more coming from MVMS in future years – this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve!”