Get Extracurricular with FBLA at GHS


Camden Neesen, Staff Writer

The knob turns. The brown door squeaks while opening. Square white tiles line the floor. The fluorescent lights are bright. There’s a feeling of production in the air with the sound of pens and pencils moving. Circles with groups of kids are busily jotting notes and voices are chattering with excitement as FBLA organizes upcoming activities and competitions.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an extracurricular group at GHS that helps students prepare for a career in business. Their members have been meeting regularly and volunteering their time after school at GHS. On average the GHS chapter has 40 members annually and continues to grow. FBLA is the largest student-run business organization in the world. There are so many fun activities the FBLA takes part in. The activities include field trips, fairs, community service projects and fundraising to help others in the community. Some of the other activities the FBLA take part in are competitions with other schools’ FBLA groups. All of the activities allow students to help people in need and to develop better skills for a business career. FBLA is beneficial for students and the community because the students work to enhance themselves and the lives of others. 

FBLA has been taking part in competitions against other schools’ FBLA groups and winning for many years. “We are growing every year and we have earned the Gold Seal Award awarded by the NH FBLA State Leadership Conference for the last 7 years and counting!” said Krista Scarlett, GHS FBLA advisor. The FBLA takes great pride in competitions and doing their best to win. They are excited to participate in community service projects like, “UNICEF, NH Food Bank, Make A Wish, Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Disease Awareness, Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, and so many more” said Krista Scarlett.

The FBLA has a president, a vice president, a secretary, treasurer, and store manager. Each one of them has an important job or role to keep the group running smoothly. The larger group breaks tasks down into smaller groups, so that they can get things done quickly and more efficiently while working on one overall project. The FBLA group is very helpful to the individual, the school, and to the community and works very hard to help others as a whole.

“We do not only help the school, we work with the whole community.” said a student FBLA member. The FBLA group does not only work for the schools sake they also do their best to benefit the community and the individual. “If you’re taking a business class, come to our next meeting to see what we’re all about! You will NOT regret it!” said Krista Scarlett. Contact Krista Scarlett to join.