Bonfire Blues


Goffstown High School field, where the bonfire was to be held.

Will Sasso, Staff Writer


Everything appeared to be returning to normal at Goffstown High School during the Fall of 2021. The football games were being attended, school was in person every day, and even homecoming was planned. It was really good for morale around the school and everyone was feeling good. Unfortunately, the school was unable to plan a normal homecoming dance after the homecoming football game.

Together, the student council and the school decided on a backup plan since, due to Covid, they could not have a regular homecoming dance. The plan was that after the football game from 6-10 there would be a bonfire complete with games and of course a huge fire in the back that the whole school could attend. Disappointingly, due to rain, it was postponed for two weeks.

Two senior football players, Ryan Cote and Tony “Ribeye” Halpern were eager to offer their opinions on the subject. They mostly felt indifferent. The general consensus felt as if they were going to attend the bonfire with friends. When I decided to ask them if they felt like it should’ve been canceled the first time they agreed with the school in cancelling it. Even though they weren’t extremely excited about it, Toby said “It was a good use of resources.” The two of them were expecting a lot of people to come and Ryan stated he expected “a lot more upperclassmen than underclassmen.”

Luckily, for the people who still wanted to go to the bonfire, the school decided to reschedule it. The day they decided to reschedule it for was October 30th. Of course, this being the day before Halloween there were rumblings in the school about whether people should dress up, go in costumes or just go in regular attire. It never mattered though, as it was canceled again due rain. This time it did rain really hard throughout the whole day and there was never a chance for a bonfire. After that, the school chose not to reschedule it.

Again seniors, Ryan Cote and Toby Halpern on their thoughts. When asked about dressing up they both said they weren’t going to dress up in a costume. They were still going to go regardless with their friends and significant other. Ryan believes that with the cancelling of the bonfire that will make Winter Carnival even better, but Toby thinks that nothing will be different. They still think homecoming was successful and the classes had really good participation. They both miss the regular homecoming and the assembly and the bonfire could’ve been a nice ending. Both Ryan and Toby agreed though that it was a good decision not to reschedule it again because it would’ve been so cold.

Ryan Cote stated “I think the bonfire would’ve been lame.” Toby on the other hand said “I think it was a good alternative to dances.” Regardless, it was a good homecoming and a lot of people had a lot of fun. The bonfire never happened, but hopefully dances will be back for Winter Carnival.