Senior Recommendations for Freshmen


The iconic GHS sign reminding students to select courses for Semester 2

Félicité Veach, Staff Writer

As freshmen begin to think about classes for next year at the end of Semester One, they may find the selection process difficult. Ella Roberts, a senior at GHS, shares what courses she would recommend freshman to take. She suggests first taking Gym, so you can “get it out of the way.” “Gym is easier to get out of the way, leaving you more time to focus on the classes that will help assist you in getting into the college of your preference,” Ella says.

Ella took Bio her first year but recommends Physical Science. She says it’s a “better foundation for most because you won’t miss out on the electricity/sound units if you take AP physics later on.” Ella also suggests challenging yourself early on. She said “Try taking honors and AP classes because in reality they aren’t as hard as most cut [sic] them out to be (sometimes there is just a bit of extra work but they will look good on your transcript).”

Lastly, Ella talks about how freshmen should explore tech electives. “You might find something you really enjoy,” she states. Ella is doing CDA and RS engineering and manufacturing and has an interest in it. “You might have no idea what you want to do after high school as a freshman, but definitely start thinking about what subjects you enjoy and start honing in on a career” she concludes.

Keith Sanders, a senior at GHS and Editor In Chief of the school newspaper, says that he enjoys AP Lang and AP lit, Sociology, and Journalism. He recommends Sociology, Stats, AP Language and Composition or ‘lang’ and gym for underclassmen. Keith also recommends taking physical science your first year as well.

Keith states that “it is better to get credits out of the way because it’s hard”. He also recommended that “if you know what you want to do, take electives in that area, things you’re interested in, and try things that you might not like”.

Regardless, schedules can look scary but Keith has limited himself to one prep and says that he was “almost able to graduate early” by taking the extra classes.  Preps are good and help get work done, but less prep classes equals more time to learn and earn credits.

Therefore, if you’re a freshman, listen to what Ella and Keith say and don’t be afraid because they have been in your shoes.