Virtual Reality Changes Lives


Camden Neesen, Staff Writer

Imagine walking the beaches of a tropical paradise, hiking to the top of a volcano, sailing a ship across the ocean, learning to ballroom dance, learning to build a robot, learning a new skill to make you better at and advance in your career, etc. all from the comfort of your living room. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Couldn’t it make you happier and possibly even help you achieve more in life?

Virtual reality changes the way the world works and brings all sorts of exciting opportunities for many people. Virtual reality allows people to put on a headset and feel like they are in a whole new world. They can see new places and new things that they may not actually physically or financially be able to visit. It also changes the way the world works by allowing companies to test people in real life situations. If you are trying to become a doctor you could be tested by treating a virtual patient to see how well you can handle a situation or even perfect a surgical skill. There are also ways that it can be used just for entertainment. It can be used as a way to play video games and feel more immersed in a game. There are many good uses for virtual reality and they can all bring something good to the world and help many people.

I think that virtual reality is amazing for many reasons. It allows people to do many things they want to do all from one room in their own home. You can get all sorts of practice for many types of jobs or view places of the world like you are really there. I personally like to use virtual reality for the use of playing video games. I enjoy the feeling of being in the game and experiencing it like it is real life. That is what I enjoy using it for but there are many uses for virtual reality for people to enjoy and get a use out of it.

Virtual reality is growing and becoming more advanced. There are companies attempting to make virtual reality more realistic and allow you to feel like you are in real life situations. They are making it so you can move around by walking in real life. The same goes for hand motions and jumping. This will change a lot about how virtual reality is looked at and how it works. This will allow games to become more advanced and make it feel more real. It will also change the way people could explore the world by feeling more like they are really there and can move around. It will definitely change the way people learn how to do and get practice for many jobs.

My opinion on virtual reality is that it is amazing! It has so much potential to help people in so many ways including enhancing lives. It allows people to explore the world, learn and practice for jobs, and have more fun with video games. It also is exciting to think of all the ways virtual reality is being advanced to make a better experience for people. I hope virtual reality gets expanded a lot and can become a more utilized system and be an even better experience for everyone. It has been made very well and can do many things and hopefully someday everyone will be able to experience it and get to use it and see it grow into even more.